Lyricist + Author: Tylibah

Multi-faceted artist Tylibah wants to know “Y U Mad?” it’s the first digital single off of her upcoming mixtape, the pre-lude for most rappers looking to make a name for themselves. However she’s no newcomer to the likes of Busta Rhymes, Twista, and a few others. Soon, to the public, she may just be the next best female MC to grace our airwaves, internet, and tv screen. Read more to find out how.

Singer + Songwriter: Krys Ivory

This young woman is more than a pretty face, soft voice, and amazing writing skills. With an unwavering belief in God, having survived cancer, and Ryan Leslie in her corner, there isn’t anything that can hold her back. Currently an LA resident, MMH was still able to catch up with her. Read more to see what she had to say.

Blackberry Theme Designer: Melanie Lo

It isn’t news that blackberries have become the hottest thing since toasters and microwaves. From the Fortune 500 CEO to the cable guy to everyone in between can be seen with the latest blackberry – be it the Curve, Storm, or Tour. But aside from the functionality of the blackberry, people love to customize their blackberry & that’s where Melanie Lo comes in. Her fun & fully customized blackberry themes, although a new craft to her, have been a major hit with blackberry users. A recent blackberry user herself, read more to see what this 28-year-old California bunny is up to.

Alize Brand Director: Michelle Murray

If you watched our videos from the Concrete and Cashmere Launch event, you should be no stranger to the name Michelle Murray. As promised, we learned more about the Alizé Brand Director – personally and professionally. From the Bay Area out in California, read more to see what the now Westchester, NY resident had to say to us.

Actress: Jocelyn Marie

This Bronx native, 22-year-old Leo actress has been performing all her life – “…literally, I have the tapes
to prove it.
” With an unwavering passion for the performing arts, particular dance and acting, this young woman has made a number of strides towards achieving her goal of being a successful actress. Currently studying Business Communications at Baruch College in New York City, read more to find out what this young performer has up her sleeve.

Dancer/Choreographer: Salahudin “Saddidy” Nemley of OPC

OnPoint Choreography, a dance team that comes straight out of Queens, NY, was established in August of 2006. OpC like any dance team/company had a rocky start. In the beginning there weren’t enough members and there weren’t any shows. With that being the main contributing factors for a successful dance team/company, the members that were on OpC left. Owner, founder and head Choreographer Salahudin “Saddidy” Nemley started to work at a local PAL in 2007 and that’s when things took a turn for the better. Read more to learn about Saddidy.

Painter: Sophia Dawson

Acclaimed painter, Picasso, once said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Born on the 25th day of February, this now 21 year old Jamaica native and budding artist hosted her premiere art exhibit, Wet Paint, earlier in the year. MMHighlights caught up with the young artist, to talk about her past, present, and future as a member of the art
community. Read more.

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