Nina Serafina

Fashion Blogger and Georgia Native, Ariana Atwater, is a teenager with big plans. With a passion for fashion and a flair for writing, she caught the eye of MMHighlights. Read what she had to say, when we got in her head.

What does the word “fashionista” mean to you? Would you consider yourself a “fashionista” or no?

“Fashionista” means someone who stays on top of all the current trends yet still has a style of her own. I would consider myself a fashionista based on my first answer, but I usually don’t really follow “trends”. I dress according to my mood that day.

What items do you currently see in the stores that you think are really great?

Surprisingly, sequins. I’m usually not a fan of really sparkly items but black sequins are good to go. I’m also loving the gold pyramid studding that’s being seen on various items.

Which stores do you visit often? Which is your favorite?

I frequently visit Forever21, Target, Old Navy, etc. I’m a cheap shopper but I choose wisely so I don’t look the same price as my clothes. My favorites are a tie between Forever21 and Target. They both have such great deals and have a lot of basics. I would say that Target has an advantage because of their designer collaborations.

Which designers do you wear a lot of? Which is your favorite?

I wear a lot of Betsey Johnson jewelry and have a decent Harajuku Lovers bag collection. Those are my favorite. BJ has the cutest, girliest jewelry and I love the playfulness of Harajuku.

Do you prefer to shop online or in the store?

I prefer to shop in the store. I tend to be a picky buyer and you can’t always tell how something will fit when it actually arrives.

If you had a choice of all designers in the world, who would you prefer to work for? Why?

It might sound cliche, but honestly, Marc Jacobs. I adore his eclectic style and I know he’s such a hard-working man managing his lines and Louis Vuitton. And from what I know and have seen, he seems like a really fun person to be around. I also like that he started wearing skirts. He does his own thing.

What are your short term and long term fashion goals?

My short-term goal for fashion is to start making wooden, heart-shaped post earrings. (That was supposed to be a secret but i decided to let you guys know). I’ve been procrastinating about it for almost a week now. My long-term fashion goal is to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandise and move on to travel and hopefully be able to work alongside Marc Jacobs.

Are there any special projects you would like to work on in styling?

I haven’t done any professional styling but I do love to raid my friends closets and pick outfits for them. But don’t worry, you’ll see my name one day under “stylist”. Lol.

What is one staple every man/woman should have in their closet?

I think every man should own a nice pair of shoes. Call me materialistic, but a nice pair of shoes shows you really care about your appearance. And not sneakers, shoes. Every woman should own, of course, a little black dress. It never goes out of style.

What are the most important accessories men/women should wear?

Men should definitely have a bow tie and cuff links, when necessary. For casual looks, they should have a newsboy hat. Women should have a nice pair of stud earrings, a gaudy ring, and a simple black leather tote, just for basics. For both sexes, a classic peacoat is a must.

What are some major trends you see happening in men’s and women’s clothing?

I see men are really starting to dress up more. Even streetwear, such as BBC, have a few casual looks that could easily be dressed up when paired with certain items. Jumpsuits for women are coming back. I can’t wait until spring.

What are some trends that you see fading?

Clear lens glasses..the whole nerdy-chic look; Statement tees; Only wearing Nike, Reebok, etc. for sneakers.

Do you believe that during the past political race, fashion has played a role? If yes, Please Explain.

If by “past”, you mean the Bush era, absolutely not. His daughters were somewhat on the scene, but the Obama family definitely has style.

What are your thoughts on the first lady’s fashion?

I love the fact that Michelle Obama started out wearing classic brands like J. Crew. She really shows how to be fabulous yet age appropriate. Her inauguration ensembles were also very important. I’m pretty sure most people had never heard of her designer choices until she wore them. She is really putting an edge on the standard political fashion.

What is your earliest memory that you can remember where you knew you wanted to work in the fashion industry?

Wow. I’ve always had a serious interest in fashion since I could dress Barbies. Once I realized I was serious was in 10th grade. No one believed in me, not even my parents. It took them a while because they didn’t really know it was a real job. I started subscribing to more fashion magazines and browsing the Internet for hours on end. Then everyone saw this wasn’t a game.

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