NO relationship is perfect – be it with your parents, friends, or lovers. They endure countless trials and tribulations, ups and downs, all which typically stem from 2 main sources – communication and trust (or lack thereof). When dealing with your significant other, the aforementioned become rucial in ensuring a long-term, long lasting relationship. But what happens when that trust is broken – when one of the parties steps outside of their relationship and does something that most view as being taboo? What happens when someone cheats.

Everyone has an opinion regarding infidelity, so we took to Facebook & Twitter to find out what our friends/followers had to say on the issue.

Why do people cheat? What keeps others remaining faithful?

S.L. People cheat for a lot of reasons but I think the #1 reason is because they can & there is always someone willing to do it with them.

J.A.B. The feelings inside, your conscience, is what keeps people from cheating. It would break their heart to have to look their love ones in the eye and say “u know i love you” meanwhile knowing that they are cheating.

@TapWaterLove I wouldn’t cheat if I’m kept maintained

@TationnaBosier since when did men need a reason to cheat? It’s like breathing to them lol simple creatures

@rellz165 cheating technically involves emotions so with out them is it really cheating

@niachene I disagree n that’s why men feel it so easy to do so because of the lack of emotions

MattVandrick wtf? def disagree on the emotion part. if you have random not give a damn sex with somebody else, you still cheated

Are there different degrees of cheating? Is it ever acceptable or excusable?

J.A.B.I dont think it’s acceptable (im not judging anyone) [but] when a person is deciding whether or not to get into a relationship they
have to soul search to see if they would be able to resist temptation. If the answer is no then they should not be looking for a relationship

V.J. There are different degrees of cheating. No form of cheating is acceptable. No way no how. But some things can be forgiven. You can’t narrow it down to a specific act to be forgiven for. I think forgiveness for any cheating ways has to consider time, place, person, relationship,
situation, the entire big picture. its like getting off the hook for murder but in self defense .. lol kidding (kinda)

@TokyoPro it ranges, from a simple date, to a sexually charged affair…you don’t have to be physical to be cheating all of the time lol

@Dreamm Yes! 1 degree is physical & [another] is emotional. To actually take time to get to know some1one is laying the foundation for a relationship.That is worst. IMO

Scenario, guy cheats on girl, girl forgives guy. Girl meets good looking guy at her new job. What
happens next? Is the girl right for going and saying ok I was cheated on so now I’ma see what’s up?

V.J. I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 6 years and we’ve both gone through it.. Forgiveness does happen. the “what next” part is very crucial. What you do after, how you approach the situation and how genuine both
people are in trying to figure out if the relationship can continue. This is not to say that the above goes for all couples

M.A. Two wrongs never make it right.

J.A.B. Most people feel that the only 1 true way to forgive and forget about someone cheating is to allow the other person to step out once also. Otherwise when ever an arguement arises, the cheatin issue is always gonna come up.

A.G. That logic is backwards. If you’re gonna cheat, cheat; don’t use a previous indiscretion that you’re allegedly over as an excuse. Now both
parties are in the wrong and guilt wridden. How does that even
work?! The retaliating party comes home from work 1 day “honey I
cheated so now I love you again”

@Dreamm Never ok.. Karma will catch up w/ you. Walk away. Why cheat? Nothing is resolved by cheating & most ppl usually feel worst after

Who cheats more – men or women? And who does it better?

@TationnaBosier U already know! men do it more, women do it better

@TokyoPro women win that…hands down…in both aspects.


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