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Your friend tells you she sees your man with another female. Do you ask him about it immediately or bring it up indirectly?

Danielle Traverso No sense beating around the bush; pop that man in the back of the head like “ummmmm who is she” and then get over it lol.

Carla Tabb

…Depending on the relationship and past incidents, should ultimately decide your first move. Personally, I prefer a less confrontational approach that best suits a secure relationship. If I’ve been with a man that has earned trust from me in an exclusive long term relationship, I won’t directly approach about what my friend told me because 1. it sets a tone for the conversation and 2. he doesn’t deserve that from you if the both of you have developed a strong relationship with trust. I’d feel offended if I built substantial trust with someone, and I get directly approached on something that’s probably trivial. Relationships are a collection of multiple communications with a person, choose your battles wisely.
HOWEVER, if you’re in a tumultuous relationship with a man that you barely trust, no need to beat around the bush.


Nakia Everyday If you have to ask indirectly, then most likely what your friend told you is true. No relationship is based on what’s between the lines. Being straight forward and sincere in any relationship, with your boss, your friend, your mother, etc, is good. Because if u ask indirectly, you’ll get an indirect answer. Ask immediately, but remember this is not an interrogation. “Hey Jessi mentioned she saw you in town today with a woman, as she drove by. Who was she?” Plain and simple.

Janet Garcia I totally agree with Nakia… I can not say it any better… The key in any relationship is communication.

@ForefrontOfFab Depends on the type of dude he is, but I’d probably ask indirectly. Catch more bees w/ honey than vinegar...

@Lena I would DEF go straight to him about the other girl he was seen with!


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