• What items do you currently see in the stores that you think are really great?
I love trench coats and funky light weight coats because they can be worn all year long with any outfit and still look nice and classic

• Which designers do you wear a lot of?
Levi, Nike, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, S.Perry & Nautica.

• Which is your favorite?
Ralph Lauren

• Have you ever worked with another designer?
Yes, ImaniLia Night gowns and casual wear

• If you had a choice of all designers in the world, who would you prefer to work with?
Ralph Lauren because he doesn’t follow trends, he makes his own style a permanent trend

• What are your short term and long term fashion goals?
Short term is to keep doing fashion shows to gain exposure; long term would be to open my own store

• What is one staple every man/woman should have in their closet?
One very well put together casual and formal outfit.

• What are the most important accessories men/women should wear?
Watches for men, a great watch can make or break an entire outfit. Also trade beads for men if they can get away with it, for women earrings, bracelets, and be stone necklaces

• What are some major trends you see happening in men’s and women’s clothing?
That everyone dresses the same, GROW UP AND GET YOUR OWN STYLE, we’re too old to still be following trends.

• What are some trends that you see fading?
The whole “I’m a grown man wearing my sister’s jeans” tight jean look and the whole “wear your pants around your knees so the world can peep your draws” look.

• What is your earliest memory that you can remember where you knew you wanted to work in the fashion industry?
When I was 13 and I started making shirts out of my graffiti drawings.

• How would you describe your own personal style?
Steady, full of different walks of life that I have ever encountered, fun, vibrant and classic

• Is there any celebrity whose style you admire or would like to emulate?
Jamie Foxx…that man is the definition of Smooth

• Give us some background on Reynoir.
Reynoir Clothing was formed not with the idea of bringing one style or one person’s ideas about fashion into the world. We believe that style is in the eye of the wearer and therefore we strive to combine our own ideas with the ideas of the public to constantly bring you a new style or an old style with a new swagger to every design.

We started in 2001 in the basement of a young high school student named Reynoir who was interested in bringing his friends as well as his own canvas artwork and graffiti work to life on actual clothing. His inspiration stemmed originally from his grandfather Raymond Oliver Wood whose brilliant oil paintings captivated Reynoir from his early childhood and made him want to grow up to be like his grandfather but in his own way. To this day his grandfather still does oil canvas paintings and even has one hanging in the City College of New York. Reynoir also got his inspiration from Marc Ecko and his style of graffiti work from street walls to t-shirts and hoodies as well as Julian Beever whose 3D chalk art work has captivated the world for many years.

• Who is your target audience?
Anyone who thinks my clothing fits into their style of attire. Why limit yourself to one audience when anyone, at any time could love your work and you would never know because you skipped over their whole generation thinking they weren’t important or thinking they were to old or not the right look. The more people that know you exist the easier life will become.

• If you could narrow it down to two, what in your opinion are the key sewing or production techniques that every aspiring designer should know?
Know how to use a sewing machine even if just for a basic stitch and everyone should know how to finish a stitch, if you can finish your own stitch and make it look smooth and clean you’ll never have an issue selling products to anyone.

• How do you find inspiration before you design a collection?
I look around at things that I see consistently and write down a list of ideas that I have from random things that have sparked my interest….lets say I want ice cream one day, I might get the idea to build a pink, brown and white color scheme and every design would have lots of curves being that ice cream wraps around itself. Quirky stuff sets my mind off running and I run with it.

• Are there any new or upcoming projects you are working on that you can share with us?
I am currently in the process of opening a digital design shop where you can have everything from photos taken and retouched to a website built all in the same building. I currently run a print shop and photo studio and the design shop will combine all of those aspects into one building. I graduated with a degree in electronic design and media, so I’m making my passion for art and music my career.

• You’re also a DJ. How long have you been DJ’ing?
11 years, I started when I was 11 and I’m now 22

• Aside from paid parties, what clubs are you playing at?
Stay lounge every Friday and Tuesday, club Plumm and club Miami…look out though I’m in the works to re-open the cotton club!!!

• What is your favorite venue to spin at?
Any venue with a crowd that loves music, not some hood club that attracts wall flowers!


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