Friend or Foe

Is it okay to remain friends with your ex?

Ned Gee It depends how y’all broke up; If y’all broke up on some beef shit he or she violated by cheatin or disrespected the fam then hell no. But if it’s on some agree to disagree or moved away type shit I don’t see y not.

A.G. …if it was an amicable or mutual break-up there’s no reason why not, so long as both parties are aware of & accepting to being just friends.

Marc-Antoine Jean Personally I say yes so long as there are NO romantic feelings involved. The type of break up matters as well. If it was on bad terms, then no. The reconciliation on either party has the “what if” behind it. If it was all peace then it should be cool as long as they know their place. Exs bring the 800 lbs elephant into current relationships living rooms. That’s a different discussion though.

Kerlyne Hyppolite Yes..life is to short.

Cass Andre I feel it doesn’t matter how it ended bout more on what kind of relationship you guys had. If it was a person you truly cared for/loved, you may want to still be their friend now b.c you still care for their well being and wish nothing but happiness for them, BUT it would kill you inside to see them loving someone,being all over someone else… i dont think there’s any harder self-torture =/.

Giselle Dominguez It depends… how the relationship ended & if u have kids.

Arielle Desdunes Agree with everyone..but always be mindful that there can always be and might always be some romantic feelings or that connection feeling towards them from back when you were with them..which can interfere with current relationships so decision is on you and the factors around it.

Sheena Desdunes well I’m friends with my ex and for me, being that we started off as friends I don’t see y we cant remain friends after the fall… it just seems to me that people have problems when their partners remain
friends with their ex so i wonder if its some kind of insecurity…. & as Cassy said if u truly cared for the person u would want the best for them so why not remain friends

Melinda Lazarre I don’t see nothing wrong with remaining friend with your ex maybe it best that way instead of going farther.

Jessica Requeña My closest friends are all exes of mine.

AlonZo Smalls Not if there’s not any closure for one of you or both of you… Then you’re only playing with fire.

@TapWaterLove unless u can truly be friends with them no. There’s always a secret agenda from one person and someone always gets hurt.

@PYTrice Yes But Know Ur Limits & Don’t Let Ur Emotions Ruin Ur Friendship.


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2 thoughts on “Friend or Foe

  1. Here’s Jerry Seinfeld’s opinion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2Pw27nykms&feature=related

    But on a serious note, I think you can be friends, but it isn’t easy if the relationship was emotionally intimate. Like others have mentioned, you have to both know that you don’t want to be together anymore or else one person would just keep themselves from moving on. Additionally the issue of new love interests will be stressful for both parties. I think the ability to move past these issues is just dependent on the type of person each of you are; how forgiving, jealous, and emotionally stable each of you are. I’m dealing with this issue currently and testing the waters. Still working on the kinks.

    Posted by Nick Andrew | December 5, 2010, 5:36 PM
  2. Theres nothing wrong with being friends with your ex. But when you do stuff like go to his house and sleep and smoke and text and talk all the time n let him bash ur new man its a prob. For example after.seven months my girl told me she was still in love with her ex and she was never.gonna stop talking.to him. Thats just fucked especially seeing how I pay her rent and hold her down whenever. Sure I dont take her out much cuz im too.busy keeping a roof.over her head. The point is.friends from a disyant wit ur ex is more on the acquantance level where it should be. But going out and lying aint cool

    Posted by Justin thompson | January 19, 2012, 11:31 AM

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