Right Time

…to ask a new guy his intentions? Early on & maybe scare him away or later & risk becoming a jump?

T.J. Terry Neither. U deal wit a dude who tells u from day 1. Anything less is a sucka move on his behalf lol.

Jennifer Collie Neither. If you ask too early you will scare him away lol, plus you need to get to know him to see if he’s even worth locking down. So I say let it flow and see how it goes. Can’t become a jump off unknowingly ,
there are signs lol

Kerlyne Hyppolite Early..if u scared him away, he wasn’t meant for you and you don’t want a coward anyway...

@BoxFullOfKayos I agree with t.j. terry. If not day 1 then during first

…to know the difference between loving someone & being in love with them?

Makini Osson Loving someone can include the feelings you have for a friend or a family member-it can be romantic love too but not necessarily… Being ‘in love’ is passionate, romantic attraction to someone. Who ever says “I’m in love with you” to their mom? You say ” I love you, mom”.


yes! In better terms, “having love for someone” is when you admire an individual, being in love that’s 100% feelings of words in which I can’t describe, those who felt, know what I mean. Its still gettin
that rush everytime you see em


…to tell a friend that their significant other is cheating? Do you tell your friend?

T.J. Terry U casually
mention it once. If they don’t believe it or act on it. Just leeeeeeave it alone.

Jennifer Collie Let them see it for themselves (by bringing them to see it with their own eyes) or if thats not possible tell them and hope that they believe you. But if you didnt like their boyfriend/girlfriend to begin
with…more than likely they won’t believe you

Nathalie Louis If that’s truely you’re friend then you let them know. Don’t sugar coat it, just let he/she know exactly what you know because you would want the same thing.

@pqchanel u dont. u mind ur business. in the end, it all falls on you.

Your friend tells you she sees your man with another female.
Do you ask him about it immediately or bring it up indirectly?


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