Makini O

Makeup is ART. It can be used to emphasize your natural beauty, as an expression of your mood. You can make a bold statement, or just bring out your best features. Makeup, like clothing and hairstyles can be fun, playful, dramatic, and add dimension to your style. FAB Make-Up abides by the philosophy that all Faces Are Beautiful. Freelance make-up artist Makini O. sat down with MMH and let us into her beautiful world.

How did you start in the makeup industry?

On my 20th birthday, my boyfriend at the time treated me to a MAC makeover in Macy’s. I was inspired to go home and try to recreate what the MAC artist did.

Did you have an artistic background growing up?

Growing up I was constantly drawing. I also did a lot of painting, and arts and crafts projects such as making jewelry, pottery, and some sculpture. My mom took me to museums a lot and enrolled me in many art classes and workshops. I guess that is why I am drawn to makeup because it is another creative outlet for me.

Which cosmetic line do you wear a lot of? Which is your favorite?

I mostly wear Mary Kay because they have great mineral powder foundation and mineral eye shadows. I love MAC pigments, and I also like Makeup Forever from Sephora. I also have a lot of other products from different brands that I find here and there such as L’oreal HIP and I love shopping at Ricky’s for cosmetics.

If we took a peek in your makeup kit what would we see?

Wow… I have A LOT but its never enough. I think I have more eyeshadow than anything else, I love pigments and mineral powders.

Have you ever worked with another MUA?

I never have but I would love to because I am always open to sharing creative ideas with other artists. I plan to collaborate with other artists in the near future.

If you had a choice of all MUAs in the world, who would you prefer to work with? Why?

I would choose Damone Roberts and Carmindy. They both are great at creating a glowing face with perfect, full and natural looking eyebrows.

What is one staple every woman should have on her vanity?

It so hard to pick one… Tweezers! Groomed eyebrows are essential! Keep them natural, full, and neat!

What are some major trends you see happening in make-up?

The smoky eye look with a neutral lip is happening- always has been and always will be a hot look. Its so versatile and it can be modified to be appropriate for any look.

How do you keep up with all the new trends and styles?

Honestly my inspiration comes more from nature than from the runways or magazines. I prefer timeless beauty over trends.

How do you incorporate them into your makeup repertoire?

I look at the eyes of a cat, the colors of a peacock feather, and the natural shapes and contours of the human face and that’s what I use in my art.

What is your earliest memory that you can remember where you knew you wanted to work in the beauty industry?

I was at a friends baby shower, and everyone was so intrigued by my makeup. I was so shocked to get so many compliments.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I do not have one particular style, I am very open minded. However one motif you can always expect to see it that I love beautiful eyebrows and the eyes are my favorite feature!!


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