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Ricky Gervais in Men’s Health: Why he works out, his college band, and hosting the Golden Globes

Comedian and actor Ricky Gervais opens up to the March issue of Men’s Health about the real motivation behind his healthy new lifestyle, his humble upbringing, the short-lived success of his college band, and hosting the Golden Globes this year after his controversial 2010 turn.

Ricky on his motivation to workout…
“A lot of the time it’s me thinking, Right – I’d better get a sweat on because I want to open a bottle of wine at 6.”

Ricky on his healthy new lifestyle…
“It’s about living longer. That’s all it was about from the start; it was never about vanity. I read sometimes that I’m doing this so I can play a Hollywood leading man. Yeah, right. I play fat putzes. If anything, this could ruin my career!”

Ricky on hosting the Golden Globes again after his controversial 2010 turn…
“Funny, isn’t it? All those people who I said I wouldn’t work again?

Ricky on his humble upbringings and his mother who stretched the budget to support four kids…
“It’s not till you’re 16 that you realize she’s buying everything out of catalogs and paying for them the rest of the year. She borrowed tights from my sister. Heartbreaking.”

Ricky on his mother’s reaction to his college band, Seona Dancing, getting signed with London Records…
“I told my mum I was going to be a pop star, and she said, ‘Pop star’s another name for junkie.’ Then I told her the advance, and she said, ‘Mick Jagger bought his mum a house in Wales.’”

Ricky on his band breaking up after two failed singles…
“Here’s what I did wrong. I wanted to be a pop star, but I should’ve wanted to be a musician. I forgot about the work, the craft. And I listened to people I shouldn’t have. A&R people, the record company.”

Ricky on what he learned from creating The Office…
“Since The Office, I’ve realized that the hard work is the reward. Just that in itself. Win, lose, or draw. Finishing something, doing it. It’s invigorating.”


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