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More Basketball “Wives” & Lawsuits

VH1 is using this term “basketball wife” a little too loosely for my liking. And they’re getting more and more of these women in all sorts of legal troubles by doing so.

Over a month ago, before the premiere of the current BBW season, Chris Bosh took legal action against “baby mama” Allison Mathis, for rumors that she would be appearing on the shows 3rd season:

Miami Heat star Chris Bosh is suing the mother of his child for appearing on a reality TV show called “Basketball Wives,” which he said intrudes on his private life. Bosh claimed in a lawsuit filed Monday in Los Angeles federal court that Allison Mathis and Shed Media are trying to unjustly enrich themselves by using Bosh’s name and intruding into his private affairs.

He acknowledges he and Mathis have a child together. The suit said Mathis was hired to appear in the third season of the VH1 reality show and wants to use it to become a TV star.

He seeks damages and an injunction to block her and the media company from trademark infringement by using his name and disclosing private facts about his life. (TheYBF)

Did she learn NOTHING from Royce aka “former Orlando Magic dancer”? She doesn’t even get a caption mentioning Dwight Howard.

Now on the chopping block, as though he needs more grief, is Gilbert Arenas and his baby mama. More after the jump:

Allegedly, VH1 plans to launch a spin-off of the BBW show, Basketball Wives: Los Angeles (currently the show takes place in Miami, as the women sometimes travel to and from LA and NY).

In efforts to keep the mother of his children, Laura Govan (sister of Gloria Govan, who was in Season 1 of BBW with her boo, Matt Barnes) off the show, Arenas has solicited the services of Bosh’s counsel. The suit accuses the show’s producers of trademark infringement, false advertising and misappropriation of the star’s likeness, among other claims:

“The presence of the defendant Govan and the title of the show is an obvious reference” to the NBA star, of the Orlando Magic, his lawyers wrote. As marketed, the show is “likely to mislead or confuse consumers that defendant Govan is either married to Plaintiff and/or has special insight into Plaintiff’s current life,” the suit states. (source)

So exhausting. I just hope for the day to see an actually WIFE on this show, and the wife of a RELEVANT basketball player. All I ask.


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