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iPhone 5 – True or False?

If Apple does nothing else, it definitely manages to find a way to always keep itself relevant.  On the heels of the release of the new iPad and Verizon acquiring the iPhone 5, word around the rumor mill is that there’s an iPhone 5 in the works.  The speculations started flying last week, but considering it was April 1st, no one wanted to be the fool that got got; however, reports have been flying that Apple plans to release this phone the 4th week of June.  Here in lies the skepticism – Apple is typically very secretive about release dates, etc.  It would seem more probable that Apple would release an iPhone 4 update, not a brand new device.

The rumor seem to have started in South Korea (-_-) and has already found opposition:

Apple will not be releasing the iPhone 5 in June, Jim Dalrymple at The Loop reports.

Earlier today a rumor kicked up based on reporting out of Korea that Apple might host a special iPhone 5 event during the last week of June.

Dalyrmple’s sources say the rumor is “completely false.” (source)

Let’s see how long this last OR if it sparks Apple to actually release such a device.


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